Our History

In 2002, after endless research, on a sunny summer afternoon we found our home. It was the coup d'horizon infinity eye that did not separate the sea from the sky, to make us fall in love with the ruin.
It was a bet with ourselves, we would have made an oasis of peace from that mass of rubble and dust .So we thought, and so 'was. Rino, my husband gave us inside, even materially, I ... I suggested. Thousand red tape and so many years of waiting to unlock situations ... .. Now finally it's over.
We have furnished with love, as if we were to live there ourselves, we have put so much care in choosing the furniture and we have studied every detail for you ... guests. We hope you enjoy it with respect and care ... Enjoy our home

Silvana e Rino Schiattarella

When Sirius is stranded on the oceanic Coast and the wagon of domineering Apollo from the Sun Home breaks down on the Antica Plagianum, the Relais Calante Luna lazily awakes and smiles upon the sky.

The lapping of the waves announces a new day, in the infinity of the skies the soul is fortified and I...I am immensely illuminated.